Monday, January 31, 2005

Magpa-canton ka naman...

Oo tama ang nabasa ninyo, nagpacanton ako.

Anong masama? Birthday ko naman? Salamat nga pala sa lahat ng mga bumati! May atraso tuloy ako sa inyo. Babawi na lang ako sa susunod

Ang mga susunod na eksena ay hindi aprubado ng MTRCB (ano??? pati dito nakakarating sila???):

Ugok Rollcall Episode 1:Enter the Ugoks (or "Haba Birdie Rai!!!)

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Rai: "Uy! May camera!!!"

Hosted by

Potsa! 'Ala namang ganyanan!

Hosted by

Guilty Gear XX:Stress reliever (Yup! yun talaga yung pangalan nung laro)

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Huy! Harap dito!!!

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Homer: "Ayos tol! Nagana 'yung fusion core sa PS2 ko!"

Hosted by

Roe:"Whatcha lookin' at?!"

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Unknown edible chocolate flavoured organism

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Roe showing the Universal Sign of Peace, Joy and Love

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Elmer:"Sabi ko sa inyo, kamukha ko si GTO!"

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Pepsi X: official drink ng mga ugok

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Alam ko may mga squidball dapat dito eh...

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Ang canton! Bow!


Arashi-KIshu said...

aaaahhhh...bat wala ako jan...tampo kami! hmp!

Raipo said...

Ay! sa mga hindi nakasama, next time na lang ok?

rene said...

hapi bertdi pare... belated... pa-canton ka ulit ha! gusto ko yung calamansi flavor. :-)

Anonymous said...

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