Friday, August 05, 2005

Geekspeak #3"Munchkin"
Munchkin- sa madaling salita: mga "power gamers" o yung mga gamers na nagmiminimize o nag-mamaximize ng mga stats, equipment at kung ano-ano pang aspeto ng laro o characters nila...
Hindi ito yung mga maliliit na donut na nabibili ninyo sa Dunkin'--
Simula pa lang ng mga pen-and-paper RPG's kagay ng Dungeons and Dragons (oo kids, hindi Ragnarok ang unang RPG, tandaan ninyo 'yan--), meron nang mga munchkins. Yun' yung mga tipong tao inaabot ng kung ilang oras sa pagdi-distribute ng stats ng characters nila para maging "keso" (Geekspeak #1).
Kung baga, numbers lang ang tingin ng mga taong ito sa mga characters nila, kaya medyo nakaka-asar, nawawala tuloy ang "espiritu" ng laro--
Isang huling anecdote:
(Narinig ko lang sa TV, mula sa isang high school na lalaki) "I love Ragnarok, it's the pioneer of multi-player RPG's here in the Philippines!"
Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!--


Dexter Lira said...

The earliest RPG games were likely prehistoric and likely universally played. As children, didn't we (and our parents and grandparents) play at being soldier, warrior, teacher, keeper of the peace? Kids throughout human history have likely played the roles of pretend-husband, -wife, -wayward son, et cetera, without the aid of a modem, or even our most holy RPG relic: dice.

Ragnarok did not pioneer RPGaming in the Philippines. Perhaps it ushered in RPGaming in an easily accessible, electronic, albeit stunted (read: lame for the purposes of role playing-- acting)format.

If people want to know who pioneered role playing, his name was likely Adam.

People who have taken role playing and elevated it into an art form are called: actors, politicians and hypochondriacs.

The earliest pen and paper role-playing game that I can remember was Chainmail. I think it was a prototype for what would later become, thanks to Gygax et. al., D&D.

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