Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Editor's Block" (in F****** English!)

You know I’ve been thinking, I never imagined that I’d be editing articles and stuff for a living, and boy what a job it is! I now learned the fugly truth: that some Americans and Britons actually have BAD GRAMMAR. And well, due to the nature of my “job” I’ve been “gaining” weight as a result of lugging in front of a PC for 8 to 12 hours or more. Sleep is precious for me these days, damn! So this is how it feels to be an editor! What more if I’m editing comics?

Here’s a little anecdote: comic editors like Jim Shooter and Tom De Falco (both formerly from Marvel) say that they always get this “ Whaaaat? You edit comics? Does that mean you correct grammar in those little talk balloons?” reaction when they say that they edit comics.

And since when did grammar the only thing that matters in editing???

Editing is a lot harder than anyone might think. Sometimes, if the sentence, paragraph or even the whole article or thesis is written so lame we (the editors, “Ed” is short for editor and not a person named Ed…) can’t help but “nuke” (or “reconstruct” to put it in a much subtle way) that part. WTF!!! Well that’s what feeds us, a job’s a job…

Good thing I’m not named “Boy” by my parents… I’d protest and do whatever it takes to take to “edit” it ehehe!


-=mnel=- said...

Hehe. I used to do some editing too for my high school's paper. Hehe. It is a tough job. Lol. Anyway, just doing some blog hopping. TC!

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